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5 reasons why you should subscribe to Gaia today

Television tells lies to your vision.

On January 1st 2017, I purchased a yearly subscription to Gaia and I never looked back. The motivation behind my decision came from my absolute disgust with television. I got physically ill following the 2016 U.S. elections and noticed a direct correlation between my news consumption and my mood. Turning off TV became a necessity for my mental and physical health. I decide to become very mindful of what I choose to put in front of my eyes to only select content that elevates me.

Here are 5 reasons why you should subscribe to Gaia today.

A conscious media network

Gaia is a media streaming service where you can access thousands of exclusive content. The topics are ranging from consciousness, transformation, spiritual growth, wellness, yoga, etc. Just like Netflix, you pay $9.99 / month to stream all titles. They produce some of the programs as well as they distribute existing content.  This is the very first network of this kind. I use to struggle to find high quality programming around the topics of wellness, holistic health and consciousness on the internet. I’d have to venture on youtube and search for hours to find valuable information. Not anymore. This is an incredible hub for knowledge and a never ending source of content for personal development.

Absence of corporate influence

You will see no advertising on Gaia. No hidden corporate agenda to make you want to consume anything. The only form of passive advertising you will see are the ones from the speakers, experts or hosts promoting their books or promoting themselves. This is about it. And I am not considering this advertising. All that these experts are doing is to promote their work to make yourself better and the planet better.

An actual critical thinking provider

Because the network is free of corporate influence, Gaia is not interested in the status quo. They are not interested either in telling you that the world as it is today is all bad or all good. The programming will largely make you question everything you taught you knew about yourself and about the world. Some documentaries were true eye-opener for me. Dare I say life-altering. If you are open to change and willing to learn, your BS (read belief system) will be turned upside down maybe more than you are willing to take it. This is the awesome price of personal growth.

Access to cutting edge wisdom

I can already hear the nay-sayers brush off the network labeling it as not credible because occult or not scientific. Let me stop you right there. What you will find in many programs are peer reviewed scientific facts. Yes from actual scientists, PHD, experts, doctors and respected scholars. Let alone the fact that maybe you should considering taking science (which is only 400 years old by the way) down from its overrated pedestal, you will actually realize how some proven scientific findings are kept hidden from the public and out of history books. You will access knowledge that simply do not exist in mainstream programming.

Gaia fulfills a mission of public service

I consider Gaia being a visionary network. They are, in my opinion, fulfilling a mission of public service. They are what mainstream media should look like. Free of corporate influence, educating humans about themselves and the universe. They are not about promoting consumerism and false materialistic ideals. They are participating in elevating human consciousness to help us wake us from our sleeping state. I am forever grateful for them. Subscribe to Gaia today.

I am a happy Gaia subscriber and was not compensated for this post. I simply feel compelled to encourage you to sign up as I am convinced in the value you will find.  

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