Alike: the short movie every parent should watch today

Try not to get too emotional.

Credit: Alike Short Film

Have you ever felt trapped in society’s hamster wheel? I certainly did in my early journey. When I came across the short movie Alike it pushed so many buttons from the past and the present. Here’s what it means to me and why you should watch it and challenge your perception of school and society.

Formatting vs. creativity

It reminded me of myself, trapped in a job that I no longer wanted. And while my son was not at school when I left corporate America, it triggers many emotional memories. My son just started kindergarten. Even if he likes his school, it has been a big adjustment for him. Waking up very early, being rushed in the morning, being forced to stay still and listen: Alike portrays this very well. It shows how we format our children at a very young age. It underlines the importance school places in rigor in lieu and place of creativity. It emphasizes how slowly but surely we surrender to a sick reality that we are forced to accept.

“I sometimes feel like a hypocrite to take him everyday to a system that I don’t believe in.”

As I am working from home now, I often have mixed feelings when I take Enzo to school. I sometimes feel like a hypocrite to take him everyday to a system that I don’t believe in. I am forced to acknowledge that the public school system is obsolete and unadapted to children. School is probably the one institution that has the least changed in the past 100 years. I empathize with this dad that is miserable and passing along his misery to his kid, because he feels like he has no choice. I used to be sad like this. But the truth is, we all have a choice.

Alike demonstrates how creativity brings out happiness. It is true. It is up to us parents to bring the best out of our children by putting them in an environment when they will blossom. The ideal environment is different for all children. It is up to us to find out and adapt what is best. The answer might be painful: it might be an expensive school, it might be homeschooling, it will most likely be unpractical. But don’t we owe this our children?

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Alike short film from Pepe School Land on Vimeo.