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Dear alcohol, it is time to end our relationship

It's not you. It's me.

Dear alcohol,

After careful consideration, I decided that it is time for us to part ways. Know that I do not make this decision lightly. I will never forget all the fun we had. The countless parties, the great times with friends and family. The unforgettable celebrations and get togethers. You brought me memories of a lifetime and for that I will forever be grateful.

However, you also took many things away from me in many occasions of my life: my clarity, my peace of mind, not to mention the money. I cannot take back the words that you put in mouth and that I regretted. The words that you put in my mouth and that I can’t remember. The misbehavior, the poor decision making, the cluttered judgment… all because there’s sometimes a fine line where I can’t seem to want to stop hanging out with you while I probably should. You tempted way too often to take over our relationship, and we both know that a one sided relationship cannot last.

I take full responsibility for the break up. It’s not you, it’s me. You do not bring the best out of me. You put my ego forward and make my authentic self diminish. So why continue dear alcohol? We barely hang out anymore anyway. The truth is, I do not miss you at all when you are not around and I do not need you either. You are simply no longer a good party companion. Every hangover becomes dreadful even if they are very rare and even if nothing bad happens. I honestly think that I outgrew you. Since becoming vegan, it feels like you create a major chemical imbalance in my system. What you bring to the table no longer resonates with me: I am simply over you. You are so predictable.

Let’s get real about you too. You may bring people together but you also break families and friendships apart. You destroy lives on a regular basis. You cause a great deal of pain to the world, the youth and even to some of my relatives. I recall one day, recovering from a hangover trying to recollect what went on the night before and stumbling upon this great quote from Bertrand Russell. “Drunkenness is a temporary suicide.” and it hit so deep. But back to you alcohol. Most people use you a social lubricant or a way to escape their reality but yet, we as a society are incredibly hypocritical with you. We give you way too much credit forgetting that you are not only drug but also a poison to the human body, classed as a Group 1 Carcinogen – making it as carcinogenic as HIV, asbestos, plutonium, and mustard gas”.

“Drunkenness is a temporary suicide.” –Bertrand Russell

You do not deserve to be glorified but I will probably miss you. This decision might cause my social group to narrow even further, but it does not matter: I love me more. Paulo Coelho once said, “it is ok to miss something without necessarily wanting it back.” This is exactly how I feel about you. So, I am not saying Adieu because I won’t deprive my wife the pleasure of having a glass of wine with me if she wants to but this is it. I am saying au revoir. For good. I have changed but you sadly never will.


Ludo Gabriele

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