The one thing you can do to make our planet great again

The world's #1 polluter isn't what you think.

On June 1st, 2017, Donald Trump caused worldwide controversy by pulling out of the Paris agreement. Immediately after, French president Emmanuel Macron reacted to the event by recycling Trump’s own slogan inviting Americans and the world to make our planet great again. But what if I told you that the burning of fossil fuels is not the main cause of pollution in our planet?

The world’s #1 polluter isn’t what you think.

If you have never watched the documentary Cowspiracy, the sustainability secret, you should do that today. What you will discover is that:

  1. animal agriculture is the number one polluter in the world.
  2. most (if not all) major environmental organizations know about it and yet refuse to acknowledge it due to the financial contributions that they receive from the animal agriculture.

I understand that it can be difficult to grasp at first, and that turning vegan to save the planet may seem extreme and overwhelming; but is it really?

Get the facts straight to make our planet great again.

Facts can be painful. Yet how can one look away when exposed to them? The current state of the animal agriculture hurts humanity and earth more than any other industry. The cultural shock can be intense when seeing clearly for the first time. Aside from the outraging behavior of major environmental organizations deliberately hiding the truth and the unnecessary animal cruelty, there are a 5 facts on the Cowspiracy documentary that really blew my mind.

  1. Livestock produces more greenhouse gases than all the world’s vehicles combined.
  2. 91% of amazon destruction can be linked to animal agriculture.
  3. 45% of earth’s land is used for animal agriculture.
  4. 75% of all fisheries are depleted from over fishing.
  5. It takes 660 gallons of water to produce a hamburger (equivalent of showering for 2 months)

The infographic below illustrates it all.


Source: | Infographic by Luke Jones


Take action to make our planet great again.

Despite all of this, there’s an amazing news: you can change all of this. We, as a species, are in total control. We do not need the United States to take the lead on climate change. It is time to take some personal responsibility. Today, we have a choice to reclaim our power and actively contribute to make our planet great again, (and lose a few pounds in the process.) ? Take the 30 day vegan challenge today for the most positive impact on earth and on yourself. Chances are, you will never want to go back to your old eating habits again and you will adopt the lifestyle altogether. The entire universe will thank you for it and so do you.

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