10 fatherhood statistics that will make you smile


When we think about fatherhood statistics, we often talk about fatherlessness or Father Absence Statistics: not today. Today, I would like to share with you some fatherhood statistics that will make you smile.

During my fatherhood journey, I’ve become acquainted with Zerotothree.org a national nonprofit organization that informs, trains and supports professionals, policymakers and parents in their efforts to improve the lives of infants and toddlers. Zerotothree.org emphasizes on the importance of nurturing relationships between caregivers and toddlers especially at the earliest stages of life.

The organization asked questions to dads about their perception of fatherhood. Their responses is bowl of fresh air.

1) 90% of dads say being a parent is their greatest joy.

2) 85% of dads say being a father is the best job in the world.

3) 73% of dads say their lives began when they became a dad.

4) 62% of dads want more information on how to be a better parent.

When comparing their own parenting experience with their parents’ behavior, this is what dads had to say:

5) 52% of dads indicated showing more affection than they received from their parents.

6) 47% of dads participate in more play time and quality time than their parents.

7) 46% of dads read more to their children than their parents did.

8) 54% of dads say I love you more to their children than their parents did.

Unfortunately, many dads don’t feel empowered to take initiatives as a caregiver.  

9) 40% of dads would like to be more involved with raising their children but feel their partner interferes with their involvement.

10) 43% of dads think their partner take too much control of parenting.


These answers confirm the fathers’ needs for involvement and closeness

These fatherhood statistics are key in shattering outdated gender roles. They confirm the fathers’ will to take an active part in their children lives. It is crucial for our society that they are acknowledged in corporate environments and public policies especially in the states, the only developed country without a national paid parental leave.

Make no mistake, the need of dads to be present is a worldwide trend. Just last month, “Johnson & Johnson has announced that the progressive parental leave program it implemented in the United States in 2015 is about to go global. The company’s Global Parental Leave Policy, which guarantees fathers and mothers a minimum of eight weeks of paid leave, will now apply to the company’s roughly 90,000 non-U.S. employees.” according to Fatherly. This is leadership. This is leadership on an issue that terribly lacks some in the U.S.

Make sure to visit zerotothree.org for incredible resources and make sure to connect with them on Twitter.

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