This is What Happens When Kids Try Vegan Food

Hilarious and revealing.

Credit: HiHo Kids

Ever wondered what happened when kids try vegan food?

Every transitioning vegan parents naturally wonder what happens when kids try vegan food. Would they like it? Would they totally reject it? Would they tell the difference? Obviously, we are talking about processed vegan food and plant-based substitutes here.

This informative video gives us two valuable takeaways:

  1. Most kids could not tell that their dishes were plant-based substitutes. It goes to show that the appealing visual aspect of their food and the association with meat-based meals they already liked made them enjoy the food. All it takes to transition your children is “cracking the taste code.”
  2. Despite enjoying of their dishes, most children carried a negative perception of the vegan label. One little girl was associated meat eating with physical strength; another one felt sorry that vegan people were missing out in so many delicious food. It was very interesting to observe premises of cognitive dissonance at play.

So what happened when kids try vegan food? In short, they love it. They are simply taught that they need to consume animal products to thrive, which is not true. As a vegan parent, I have decided not to enforce a vegan lifestyle to my six-year old. As I am still learning about the lifestyle myself, I feel like it’s a big step for him. I am simply cooking mainly plant-based dishes and he loves it. He comes up with questions on his own and is slowly making is own mind. It is important for me that he embraces the lifestyle if he chooses to, on his terms.

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