Harry’s Makes Healthy Masculinity A Matter of Corporate Responsibility

Amplifying the cultural conversation around what it means to be a man.

Credit: Harry's | The Representation Project

There are companies  that simply do it right. The men’s grooming brand Harry’s is one of them. In the midst of the #Metoo movement, Harry’s is showcasing true leadership in the matter of healthy masculinity by positioning the issue as their mission of social responsibility.

When it comes it to helping men navigates the messiness of what it means to be a man, Harry’s has been executing an inspirational multi-pronged strategy.

Here are four examples of their commitment:

Main partner of Justin Baldoni’s masculinity show, Man Enough.

Harry’s is the main corporate partner of Justin Baldonis groundbreaking show Man Enough. a dinner conversation series that explores the heart of traditional masculinity in America. This is leadership because the show is truly visionary and unique in the content that it proposes to men. While Harry’s has brand visibility as a partner, the content feels authentic and not commercialized.

I really like the copy developed in the Harry’s section of the show’s website. It embodies, in my opinion, what genuine corporate responsibility looks like:

Harry’s believes in fairness and equality, and their values extend to their commitment to giving; they donate 1% of annual sales to support their mission of shattering stereotypes, with a focus on changing harmful paradigms that are both stifling, and have the potential to damage society as a whole. 

This is not a villainization of masculinity, however; Harry’s is no caped crusader. It’s an attempt to help guys embrace new attitudes and positive behaviors. They want guys to feel comfortable in their own skin, to live happily, and to act thoughtfully. Because Harry’s knows that to be a good man is to be a good human. And a world full of good humans is a world worth striving for, always.

 A Man Like You, a thought-provoking short film.

In partnership with The Representation Project, Harry’s released a short film as part of their commitment to amplify the ongoing conversation around what it means to be a man today.

In A Man Like you,  Harry’s presents the story of a boy who explores how to “be a man” with the help of a mysterious visitor. But inadvertently, the visitor ends up challenging everything the boy thought he knew. To the question why the film was made, here’s what you can read on their websiteHarry’s is committed to amplifying the ongoing cultural conversation around what it means to be a man. We believe that a man can be strong and nurturing, self-assured and accepting of others. Because the truth is, a good man is simply a good human.

Featuring inspirational men and engaging in conversations – The Washington Post’s Brand Studio

In the first quarter of 2018, Harry’s released a integrated campaign via the The Washington Post’s Brand Studio. “We’re excited to collaborate with Harry’s to produce a smart conversation around a topic that’s relevant and meaningful to them and their consumers.” said Annie Granatstein, head of WP BrandStudio.

In partnership with Harry’s, WP BrandStudio hosted a viewing party and panel discussion on the “Changing Face of Masculinity.” Following the screening of the short film A Man Like you, comedian Pete Lee lead a panel discussed at Neuehouse Madison Square. Participating panelists include Andy Katz-Mayfield, co-founder of Harry’s; Wade Davis, former NFL player and UN Women Global Ambassador; Mark Greene, senior editor at Good Men Project; Tony Porter, CEO of A Call to Men; and Mike Reynolds, writer at Everyday Girl Dad.

WP BrandStudio also wrote an article featuring video and photography coverage of the event and created a series of custom content profiles of men who are reshaping masculinity.

A roster of partners that validates the seriousness of their commitment

Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are. Today, more than ever, this popular belief applies to corporations. On this aspect, Harry’s is again right on the money and partners with true leaders in the conversation of healthy masculinity. “We support organizations that are aligned with our ambition to try and help guys navigate what it means to be a man today.” 

Some of their non-profit partners includes two outstanding organizations that have been featured several times on wokedaddy.com:

  • The Representation Project, an organization that inspires individuals and communities to create a world free of limiting stereotypes and social injustices.
  • A Call to Men, an organization that works to promote a healthy and respectful manhood and shift attitudes and behaviors that devalue marginalized groups.

The commitment of this company is admirable and must be acknowledged and celebrated. Please note that this is not a sponsored post and that I haven’y been compensated by any form. These are my thoughts, and I am grateful to share responsible corporate practices that contribute to the greater good of society.

Harry's Makes Healthy Masculinity A Matter of Corporate Responsibility

Credit: Harry’s

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