5 Amazing Vegan Restaurants in Manhattan You’ll Love

You won't be disappointed.

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When you live in New York, you feel grateful as a vegan. So when I sat down to pick my favorite 5 vegan restaurants in Manhattan, I found myself facing a challenge. I love very different types of food, so the goal with my list was to be diverse from a food standpoint and from a location standpoint. The options listed range from casual eateries to prime gastronomical experiences. It is important to note that these restaurants are all 100% Vegan.

From French cuisine to American classics, I truly hope you dig and experience these 5 amazing vegan restaurants in Manhattan.

1. Délices et Sarrasin

Authentic, beautiful, cosy French restaurant. You will experience many French classics and they will blow your mind. The boeuf bourguignon is exquisite, so are the crêpes. My French self left very impressed by the entire dining experience. The texture on vegan meat items is on point, the vegan by-the-glass wine list is solid and the atmosphere is intimate and classy. Ideal for a hot date, and for all gastronomy enthusiasts. Seating being limited, I highly recommend to make a reservation. Hands down, my personal favorite of all vegan restaurants in Manhattan.

2. Urban Vegan Kitchen

If you are craving the American classics of comfort food, Urban Vegan Kitchen is the place for you. From chicken and waffles to juicy burgers, there’s only one thing to be said: everything is delicious. I came multiple times and I have never been disappointed. Ideal for late night bites after a show or for casual dinner with friends. Good wine selection and extensive cocktail list. This is a great venue with a unique vibe and a beautiful decor. Bonus point for the DJ at nighttime.

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3. The V Spot

If you are nostalgic of Colombian food, tacos, or burritos, you will be enchanted by the VSpot. One of my favorite meal when I was a meat eater was the famous Bandeja Paisa, and I was delighted to discover that VSpot had a vegan version of it. Their quesadillas are delicious. Special mention for the sampler item, which is the best way to try a bit of everything. There is also a great fresh juice list! A true New York vegan classic.

4. Uptown Veg

  • Neighborhood: Harlem
  • Style: Vegan versions of American comfort food classics
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You will be amazed by the amount of choices available at Uptown Veg. From fresh juices to comfort food items, this place is a true hidden gem in Harlem. Best for takeout or quick seating, for lunch or afternoon bites, don’t get fooled by the modest outside appearance. I had the burger and was blown away by the texture. The mac and cheese were excellent and the staff extremely friendly. A must try anytime you are in the neighborhood.

5. Franchia

A stellar dining experience. Franchia expresses creativity in beautiful form in all their Asian fusion dishes. Excellent presentation, great presentation and high quality menu. Personal favorites for lunch are peking buns, assorted dumplings and drunken basil noodles. Amazing atmosphere, ideal for lunch and dinner. Bring your love one there or your vegan best friend. They will love you even more!

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Make sure to visit those 5 Amazing Vegan Restaurants in Manhattan. Let me know about your experience on Instagram @ludogabriele


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