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Extremely insightful.

Credit: The School of Life

How to be a man via The School of Life 

Note: I am an absolute fan of the work of Alain De Botton and of his organization, The School of Life. Their mission to develop emotional intelligence deeply resonates with me. I will be sharing periodically videos that I find particularly insightful on the themes of masculinity and personal development. Please note that I am not compensated in any shape or form for promoting The School of Life.  

How to be a man: “For approximately 80 years, the notion of what a man should be like has been heavily influenced by the idea of ‘cool’. The cool man doesn’t try too hard, you don’t see them floundering about in a panic – but they succeed anyway. They are physically confident, they can scale a mountain or saunter down a deserted street in the middle of the night; if they have to kill someone they will do it neatly with minimal fuss; they don’t worry, they are self-contained and sure of themselves; their trousers are always a perfect fit; they express themselves briefly – but their words are always to the point; they’re not meek in the face of authority; but they don’t crave power themselves: they are independent…”

You can read more on this and other subjects on the School of Life blog, here:

About the School of Life: 

The School of Life is a global organization dedicated to developing emotional intelligence. They apply psychology, philosophy, and culture to everyday life.

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