Why Fathers Must Watch The #MeToo Episode of Justin Baldoni’s ‘Man Enough’

A candid, uncomfortable yet necessary conversation.

Credit: Man Enough - Wayfarer Entertainment

I am a big fan of Justin Baldoni’s show Man Enough. The level of authenticity and vulnerability displayed in those “men only” conversations are groundbreaking and necessary. However, there’s something special about the #MeToo episode that compelled me to encourage fathers to watch it. The “cast” of men picked for this conversation is on point. The range of topic covered on the episode is extensive and sadly relevant.

Here are 5 reasons why Fathers Must Watch The #MeToo Episode of Man Enough.

1. Vulnerability and authenticity.

Having a group of men getting vulnerable and authentic with each other is a sadly rare occurence. Seeing it on screen gives other men permission to the same. The sensitivity of the subject gives even more power to the conversation. Guests share their experiences of personal trauma, questionable past behaviors and unconscious biases with honorable candor. This is the type of interactions men need to witness and to foster in order to redefine masculinity.

2. The Man Box: explained and analyzed.

There is a portion of this episode where the Man Box is unpacked. Tony Porter explains all of the attributes of that “box” exquisitely, and demonstrates how, as men, the vast majority of us gets stuck in it, against our will. The power of that box is further shown by the likeness of the relationship that all the guests entertain with it: nobody really wants to be in the box but everybody is afraid to step out of it.

3. Entitlement, Consent, Victim shaming.

All the sensitive subjects imaginable related to toxic masculinity are mentioned. I really appreciate the guests honesty in the subjects of male entitlement and the objectification of woman. At some point of the conversation, Baldoni gets very real about “doubting” a woman’s words about her assault and candidly questions his bias. The issue of consent is also extensively dealt with. All those conversations are great tools for fathers to garnish their introspection and their parenting skills.

4. The realness of harassment and sexual assault stories of women.

In this show, you will hear rough stories of survivors; detailed stories of assaults and harassment of women. Those stories are necessary for men and fathers to hear. If you have an empathy deficit, those stories will help you get into the shoes of a victim. If you are in an heterosexual relationship, you will imagine your wife, your partner. Or maybe, you will imagine your daughter, your sister, a friend. It will hopefully get you in a position of active listening; a skill that is lacking so much when it comes to listening to women’s trauma.

5. The sadly common occurrences of child abuse

As a father, this is, in my opinion one of the main reason to watch this Man enough episode. The show ends by creating awareness around what is, in my opinion the scariest topic for parents which is the sexual abuse of children. Did you know that 1 in 10 children will be victims of childhood sexual abuse before their 18th birthdays? Even scarier, 20% of the children who are sexually abused are abused before the age of 8 and 60% of child sexual abuse victims never tell anyone.

On this episode, Wayfarer Entertainment partnered with Child Safety Pledge a non-profit that is empowering youth-serving organizations, funders, and families to take charge in preventing child sexual abuse. Make sure to take the pledge to keep our children safe here.

You can watch the full #Metoo episode of Man enough below.


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