Dear Parents, We Should Be Asking Ourselves: What Is School For?

How many of you acquired life-changing skills during your school years?

Credit: Prince Ea

Prince Ea did it again. In his new video What is school for?’, the filmmaker, artist and activist brilliantly tears down the education system .

This is not the first time that the poet uses his talents of lyricist to tell the compelling story of the obsolescence of the our schools, our ways of teaching and our methods of evaluation. Back in 2016, he was portrayed as a lawyer, representing the people, suing the modern day schooling.

The main argument in the video What is school for?’,  is that schools today, do not provide knowledge and tools that will be useful and practical in real life situations.

It is very difficult to argue with that reality.

As parents, we should realize how big of a gap there is, between what is being taught, what will be remembered, and what will be useful.

Aside from writing, reading and basic math, how many of us acquired life-altering / life-changing / life-saving skills in our school years?

At a time when technology and innovation are accelerating exponentially, while the school system has been virtually unchanged for over a century, this question should alarm all of us.

This video compiles a lot of thought provoking inquiries that should be addressed urgently.

What is school for? For real?

I have been skeptical about the school system for a long time. This What is school for?’ video led me down one of those internet rabbit holes that I think is worth sharing.

At the end of the video, Prince Ea invites viewers to check out the Innovation Playlist, which consists of a list of small steps, tools and programs to create change and bring out innovations in schools. This list of resources regroups the best practices of the best educators and teachers from around the world.

This is a program that any school can try for free.


This program has been created by author, film producers and venture capitalist Ted Dintersmith.

I highly encourage you to get familiar with his work, and know more about him.

Here’s a Ted Talk that he gave in 2015 that is worth watching.


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