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Love is misunderstood: Love is Consciousness

Love has been lost in translation.

Credit: Psyklon via Giphy

This poem as an homage to love. I believe love to be deeply misunderstood. The word love is overused and misused. Love has been lost in translation. This is my personal interpretation of love: love is consciousness. 

Love is consciousness

Love is not visible.

Love is not sexual.

Love is not limited.

Love is not human.

Love is not religion.

Love is not a feeling.

Love is not romantic.

Love is not a thought.

Love is not an emotion.

Love is not attachment.

Love is not a relationship.

Love has been lost in translation.

Love is the invisible link that connects us.

Love is the common denominator.

Love is the presence inside of us.

Love is misunderstood.

Love is consciousness.

Love is connection.

Love is all there is.

Love is creation.

Love is source.

Love is spirit.

Love is.


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