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Why Woke Daddy?

The vision and the purpose.


What is Wokedaddy.com?

Woke Daddy is a platform where I share my thoughts and life experiences about fatherhood, masculinity, personal development and the universe.

The mission

Woke Daddy is designed to provoke critical thinking and radical action. While Woke Daddy is written from a father’s perspective and therefore aims to empower men to challenge their conception of masculinity and of the world, the primary mission is to connect at the human level and promote the idea of “oneness” and interconnection between all things and all beings.

Woke Daddy - Quantum physic - Particle - Universe - Oneness

The vision

The alarming state of humanity in general and masculinity in particular prompted the urgency to create a platform of expression that challenges the status quo. Multiple breakthroughs along my life’s journey made me realize that I was not living in alignment with my core values mainly because society gave me the illusion that I did not have a choice. Once I realized that I was 100% in control of my life, it felt critical to take an active part in redefining masculinity, fatherhood and how we, humans, interact with each other and with our planet.

Woke Daddy - Oneness Eye - We are the universe

The name

During my life’s journey, I have been blessed by spiritual awakenings and powerful epiphanies that brought me closer to my authentic self. These life-altering episodes made me realize how asleep I was and how grateful I am to finally start “awakening”. The popularity and vibration of the term “Woke” felt like an appropriate ideal to associate with. Then the term “Daddy” came naturally as this is, I feel, my most important role in this world. As parents, we are the first teachers, the first educators, and the first influencers of the next generation. We must lead by example and it starts with us, within ourselves, and then at home with our children. Woke Daddy is a label that resonates with me and that I am proud to have chosen for this platform.

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